Investment Strategy.

Our mission is to meet our clients’ evolving investment challenges with innovative solutions for asset allocation and risk management.

Decades of Academic Investment Research.

SVL is a different kind of investment firm. Dr. Le has authored over 50 scholarly articles and this academic research underpins our approach to investing and forms the foundation for investment strategies. We apply portfolio construction theory, statistical models and global investment approaches to our clients. This allows us to enhance our portfolio management.

Modern Portfolio Theory.

One of the best ways to limit the effects of market volatility is through proper diversification. SVL Investment Management applies the Modern Portfolio Theory, a mathematical approach to asset allocation developed by the 1990 Nobel Laureate Harry Markowitz, to balance the levels of risk and return.

This investment technique is a form of diversification where an investment portfolio is created across a number of asset classes, industries, and countries in order to help maximize returns while limiting risk exposure. Markowitz’s theory showed that investing is not just about picking one stock or a number of random stocks based on individual risk, but rather choosing the right combination of stocks based on the risk-reward of the entire portfolio.

A Global Macroeconomic Investment Perspective

We perform global macroeconomic research to identify the risks and returns within the international investment climate. We utilize global financial, political and macroeconomic factors to determine the best allocation to properly diversify our client’s portfolios. Our global macroeconomic investment approach helps limit the effects of market volatility to ensure better portfolio returns.

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